We began work in South Sudan in the second half of 2010. We initially supported the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning to establish macroeconomic management capacity; improve aid policy; assist in the development of a ministry plan for public finance management reform and the introduction of cash management controls.

Since the country gained independence our work has focussed on:

  • The strategic direction of public finance management reform, supporting the management and monitoring of the implementation of the Ministry's Action Plan.
  • Support to the planning and budgeting process, and deepening sector-based policy planning and budgeting cycle.
  •  Improving aid coordination, and developing aid modalities which use government systems in support of infrastructure and service delivery.

We have also facilitated a peer learning programme with the Ugandan Ministry of Finance. This has helped accelerate the introduction of reforms such as expenditure controls; an automated budget system; and a national budget strategy document. It also has given senior management ideas and motivation for reform.  We are now expanding this programme into other countries.

Our work has also included providing support to the President’s Economic Advisor.