We draw on expertise from across ODI and beyond produce cutting edge research into public finance management in fragile states.

We are primarily concerned with three overarching questions:

  1. How do budgeting and public finance management work in fragile states?
  2. How do reforms work, and how can they be made to work better?
  3. How can external actors enable and support positive change?

Our research agenda is driven by the technical assistance and policy advice we provide to partner countries. This allows us a unique vantage point in which to view the challenges faced by fragile states. In turn, our research informs the policy advice and assistance we provide, filling gaps in knowledge of how to improve public finance management and development assistance in fragile states.

We produce outputs for variety of audiences: from citizens and policy makers in fragile states; to academics, donors and development professionals. And we actively disseminate our research through events, local and international media, and by producing content for a range of online and offline platforms.