The Budget Strengthening Initiative is hosted by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), Britain’s leading think tank on international development, and a leader in research on public finance management in developing and fragile states. 

BSI was established in May 2010 and is funded until March 2015.


Independent and evidence driven

As an ODI initiative we are independent of donors, governments and international financial institutions. Our sole objective is to assist fragile and conflict-affected states to strengthen the management of their public finances. To do so we draw on the best available evidence, expertise and analysis.  

Led by partner governments

Our partners in fragile states set the agenda of the assistance we provide to them. We work to their priorities and seek solutions to problems that they identify. We establish relationships built on trust. Ideas are explored in confidence by ensuring the advice we provide is not made public unless our partners decide to do so.  

Flexible and highly responsive to the needs of our partners

We are flexible in the assistance we provide. This includes high level policy advice and technical assistance at the international, national and sub-national level. We are also highly responsive to requests for help and can deliver remote advice within a day and mobilise experts within in a matter of days.  

Dedicated to delivering enduring results

By drawing on expertise in political science, economics, public finance management and experience of working in conflict-affected states we provide pragmatic, well-rounded assistance that builds long term resilience in fragile states.

Committed to providing value for money

Our work aims to improve the effectiveness of the billions of dollars spent in fragile and conflict-affected states by governments and aid agencies. We also work with partner governments to ensure what we do is coordinated with the support they receive from other agencies to avoid duplication of work.